Handmade Leather Bags and Accessories in Chicago

Meg Musick

If you are looking for a luxury handbag, look no further than Meg Musick. Meg's designs are one-of-a-kind works of art. From hand-stamped leather accessories to high-end footwear, these accessories are a must-have. From totes to backpacks, Meg's leather bags are stylish, functional, and highly durable. She welcomes custom orders.

Besides handmade leather bags, Meg Musick also makes custom book folios and portfolios for clients. One of her most recent projects involved a custom portfolio presentation envelope for Pope Francis. The Chicago-based designer was commissioned by the Loyola Press to design the leather presentation envelope for the Pope's new book. Another client, the Downtown Oak Park neighborhood, wanted a portfolio envelop reminiscent of the leather bags used by the Pony Express.
Laudi Vidni

The upscale handbag company offers an amazing selection of customizable bags that can be personalized with your initials of someone special. The company produces their handbags in a Chicago factory owned by second-generation artisans. Choose from a variety of leathers, from soft grain metallics to fuchsia snakeskin. Choose the handle and strap that will complement your personality, and you'll have the bag of your dreams in just three to five weeks.

While most designers use a logo to promote their brand, the customer at Laudi Vidni is just like any other customer. She's looking for a unique handbag that will stand out from the crowd. She doesn't want to be overwhelmed with a large logo and wants to be a part of the design process, so she's a key customer of Laudi Vidni. Women in Chicago, or visiting the city for a weekend, will love shopping with Laudi Vidni. The company is fortunate to have an amazing manufacturer in the city.
Chester Mox

The handmade leather bags made by Chester Mox are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, and materials. Unlike large brands, Chester Mox products are custom-made when you place an order. Customers can choose their leathers, threads, and materials, as well as details such as pocket style and monograms. Most products are made to order, and therefore each piece is unique. Chester Mox handbags start at around $900, and many of the more luxurious products can cost four or five times as much.

Established in 2009, Chester Mox began as a small leather goods company in Monterey Park, California. They source the finest leathers from all over the world and use traditional saddle stitching to create classic leather goods. Each wallet is individually handcrafted by owner Andrew McAteer in the basement of his Queens apartment building. He uses only the finest quality materials and uses the finest artisanal methods to create each piece.
Lee Lee Z Leather

If you love functional handcrafted leather bags and accessories, you should check out Lee-Lee-Z-Leather in Chicago. The small-batch shop makes functional leather bags and small accessories from high-quality leather sourced from Chicago-based Horween Leather. You can find Lee-Lee-Z-Leather at this Sunday's Chicago Artisan Market, where 100+ local and regional artists and craftspeople showcase their creations.

You can also find handcrafted leather bags made by local artisans in Chicago, such as Chester Mox and Theugi. These bags come in many styles and colors, and can be found at the weekly Chicago Artisan Market. If you're in the city during the holidays, you can check out the artisan market on Sundays. More than a hundred local artisans sell their products during this market. You can browse the unique pieces and find the perfect handcrafted leather bags for any occasion.
Ashland Leather

Founded by Dan Cordova and Phil Kalas, Ashland Leather is a Chicago-based leather goods company that specializes in quality products made from premium, heritage leather. All Ashland Leather products are handmade and built to last for years. If you're in the area, make sure to visit the company's booth at the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, December 1st. This event is a showcase of the talents of more than 100 Chicago artisans, and Ashland Leather is sure to please you with their products.

Local artisans from the Chicago area create custom handbags that are both beautiful and functional. Chester Mox and Theugi create stylish bags and wallets made from leather sourced from the Chicago-area region. Meg Musick's bags can be found at Chicago's Artisan Market, where you can shop from more than 100 local artisans. They also sell their products on eBay. If you're looking for unique handmade leather bags, head to the Artisan Market and get your hands on a one-of-a-kind piece of art.